Kinder than I look.
{ Stronger than you can imagine }
I don't get much sleep, during the night, that is, I love coffee, Kingdom Hearts, The world ends with you, food, Fall Out Boy, Reel Big Fish, Rise Against, The planet smashers, klaypex, kill paris, Bleach, Black Butler, Fullmetal Alchemist, Hellsing, Toradora and many more.... This is your song, congratulations, you're the inspiration...


i love you im glad you exist im so happy you’re alive


Trying to be angry at your best friend like


our child hood


Don’t fricken trust people with glasses cause when we don’t have them on we squint and we look super mean, then we put them on and were Winnie the god dam pooh

Siblings yo,


Sora and the ice people owo

Which one I should finish?